I want to be certain that you know how deeply moved I was by the ritual at G's Bat Mitzva.You were wonderful as the guardian and mentor and dear Rabbi - L.W.





A person, like a plant, needs warmth to grow. Our staff is legendary for its warmth, its friendliness, its caring, its hospitality.

Each member of our staff is totally dedicated to the spiritual well being of the residents of Bucks County.

For the Shluchim (Rabbis) and Shluchos (their wives) tending to the spiritual needs of others is more than a job and career. It is a calling from deep within to connect to every person on the level of their soul; to guide individuals on their personal journeys to uncover, feel and connect to their deeper spiritual core.


Staff Directory

Rabbi Yudy Shemtov
Senior Rabbi / Executive Director

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miriam.jpg Mrs. Miriam Shemtov
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Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein
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1 Rosie.JPG Mrs. Rosie Weinstein
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Rabbi Mendy Lezell
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Mrs. Rechama Lezell
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Rabbi Mendel Prus
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Mrs. Dassie Prus
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zalman.jpg Rabbi Zalman Blecher
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chaya.jpg Mrs. Chaya Blecher
E chaya@jewishcenter.info
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cathy2.jpg Mrs. Cathy Stec 
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Jamie Madnik
Friendship Circle
Program Administrator
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Allison Goldstein
Jewish Learning Academy & Newtown Shul 
Program Administrator
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