What Is?
Rethink everything we know about our Universe.
Begins April 16, 2018


Opening the Tanya -
for Women

Using the Tanya as our text, we explore and solve the dilemmas of life by arriving at the root causes of its struggles. Session 5 begins April 16, 2018.


Kolel Boker
One day a week, treat yourself and go into work a little bit later. If you’re retired, this is perfect for you. Session 5 begins April 19, 2018.

Class Series
Marbles Cropped.jpg   Weekly Talmud Study 
Debates and discussions of the Sages just as they were recorded two thousand years ago.
Tanya_Image.jpg   Torah Studies
A weekly parsha class from JLI, which brings you classical Jewish learning in a clear & engaging style.

Torah with Rosie - for Women
Relevant & inspiring lessons from the weekly Torah portion & holidays.

Tanya_Image.jpg   Kolel Boker
One day a week, give yourself the treat of an advanced Torah study session. 
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