The Secret of Chabad - Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - Lubavitch of Bucks County
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The Secret of Chabad: The Lives of the Rebbe's Emissaries

Rabbi David Eliezrie is a veteran shliach in Yorba Linda, CA and former chaplain for the University of Miami. He plays key leadership roles for Chabad's Crises Committe, the JLI National Retreat, and the International Shlucim Convention. He is President of the Rabbinical Council of Orange County and board member of the Jewish Federation of OC. He is a noted author and lecturer.

Within a few decades a small group of Brooklyn based, black hat, bearded rabbis turned Chabad into the most effective Jewish movement in the world. How could these rabbis build communities, raise families, and find resources, while staying true to their mission and ideals even in the most remote corners of the globe? Dennis Prager said: "After reading the Secret of Chabad you will never see your local Chabad rabbi in the same light.".

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For Men and Women

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


At the Glazier Jewish Center | 25 N State Street, Newtow

Fee: $15

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