Tips on Eliminating Disappointment, Frustration & Anger - Wednesday, January 24 | 7:30 Pm - Lubavitch of Bucks County
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Tips on Eliminating Disappointment, Frustration & Anger

By Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein

Disappointment, frustration & anger not only lead to damaging behaviors. They are damaging in and of themselves. As common as these feelings are, so is their damage, and we pay a serious price for it. Even if we do not act out on them, we must seek to remove them from our hearts.

Just ask your cardiologist.

Join us for a thorough discussion on why we so easily slip into it these feelings, how they hurt us more than we realize, and more significantly, tips we can learn to minimize their presence in our life.

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For Men and Women

Wednesday, January 24


At the Glazier Jewish Center | 25 N State Street, Newtown

Fee: $10





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