I want to be certain that you know how deeply moved I was by the ritual at G's Bat Mitzva.You were wonderful as the guardian and mentor and dear Rabbi - L.W.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


Lubavitch of Bucks County has become synonymous with outstanding holiday, children and educational programming over the last 24 years. Our programs are all open to the public with no membership requirement. They are attended by the entire spectrum of the Bucks County Jewish community, affiliated and unaffiliated alike.

We invite you to join us at one of our programs, have a meaningful taste of Judaism and deepen your Jewish experience and feeling. We look forward to meeting you!

Don't miss out on our wonderful Purim events!
Sunday, February 26 | The Newtown Theatre | 1pm
Come out to see this Academy Award Nominated Documentary and help the Friendship Circle spread understanding for the lives of people with special abilities and make our communities more inclusive!

It’s a film for the whole family to enjoy!
6 Monday Evenings | Starting January 23, 2017 | 7:30pm
Apply mind-bending, brain-twisting, hair-splitting Talmudic reasoning to solve real-life modern dilemmas—situations that actually happened yet seem impossible to solve.
6 Tuesdays | Begins January 10 | 7:30pm | Glazier Jewish Center
Do you feel lost in services because you can’t follow along? Do you want to read the Torah in the language it was given?
Tuesday | February 28| The Shul at Yardley
A monthly get‐together for Jewish physicians and health care professionals in
Bucks County to mingle over a delicious breakfast and begin their day with a fresh
look at Jewish medical ethics and wisdom.
Session V: February 6, 13, 20, 27
Using the seminal document of the Tanya as our text, we explore and solve the dilemmas of life by arriving at the root causes of its struggles. It helps us understand ourselves and to explore our spiritual life.
Tuesday Mornings | Session V: Feb. 7, 14, 21, 28 | 8:00am - 10:00am | Glazier Jewish Center
One day a week, give yourself the treat of an advanced Torah study session. Treat yourself and go into work a little bit later. If you’re retired, this is perfect for you.
Wednesdays | Session IV: Feb. 8, 15, 22, March 1 | 7:45pm | The Shul at Yardley
The Torah Studies program brings you the tradition of classical Jewish learning in a series of clear and engaging weekly classes. Probing the ideas and issues presented in each week’s Torah portion, the Torah Studies classes offer timely lessons for living – from the most timeless of all texts.
Tuesday | February 21 | 4:30pm | Glazier Jewish Center
The Bat Mitzvah club prepares young teens for this great milestone in their lives. Local girls enjoy learning, having fun, and sharing Jewish experiences as they are ushered into adulthood.
Tuesday | March 14 | 4:30pm | Glazier Jewish Center
If you loved the Bat Mitzvah club, TMC is where you can come back for more!
Sunday| March 5| 1:00pm | Glazier Jewish Center
This is a monthly event wherein the children, volunteers and staff come together for special activities. As they drop their children off in capable hands, moms and dads get to enjoy some free time to themselves.

Tuesday | February 21 | 10:00am | Glazier Jewish Center
Are you interested in joining a group of women who will be cooking in the kitchen once a month for those in need?
Join us at 10:00am, Tuesdsay Mornings, at the Glazier Jewish Center!
Wednesday | February 22 | 201 N. State Street
Around her dining room table, join women who receive inspiration and meaning as Rosie shares her heart and spirit. Using the weekly Torah portion and holidays, the discussion focuses on how they are relevant, meaningful and inspiring for our day-to-day living.
Hamentash Edition! | Tuesday| January 7 | 7:30pm | Home of Mrs. Chaya Blecher
Join together with fellow Jewish women for inspiring Torah study, warm camaraderie, hot tea, and homemade refreshments.
Wednesday | March 1 | 11:00am | Home of Rosie Weisntein
This course is about taking to heart life’s simple truths, the ones that empower us to overcome our everyday struggles; not by facing the challenges one by one, but by finding our center and aligning with our inner truth.
Most Sundays | 9:00am | The Shul at Yardley
The Talmud, the most comprehensive collection of Jewish thought, includes Jewish law, Jewish values, stories and guidance. Using an English translation, we study, discuss and learn from the ancient wisdom of the Talmud.
June 26- July 28! Get ready for the best summer of your life!
Gan Izzy Day Camp enjoys a well-earned reputation as a trend setter with innovative ideas, creative programs, and new activities being introduced continuously. Children have been known to wait all year to come back to Gan Izzy!
Be part of the greatest youth club that Jewish kids are raving about!
The Aleph Bet Hebrew School offers a stimulating and friendly environment where children embrace their Jewish roots and acquire a broad knowledge of Judaism through a motivating and challenging venue.
Click here to listen to a recording of our Happiness Seminar