Soul Maps
Soul Maps introduces you to the Tanya, a 200-year-old text with a revolutionary new look at human psychology.  Course begins January 15, 2019.


Crime & Consequence
Criminal justice reform is a hot-button topic, with a bipartisan consensus that urgent reforms are needed. Course begins January 28, 2019.


With All My Heart
This course aims to make prayer more personally meaningful by addressing some of the philosophical, emotional, and practical barriers that make it difficult to pray. Course begins May 6, 2019.

Class Series
Marbles Cropped.jpg   Weekly Talmud Study 
Debates and discussions of the Sages just as they were recorded two thousand years ago.
Tanya_Image.jpg   Torah Studies
A weekly parsha class from JLI, which brings you classical Jewish learning in a clear & engaging style.
Tanya_Image.jpg   Torah With Rosie
Relevant & inspiring lessons from the weekly Torah portion & holidays. 
Marbles Cropped.jpg   Kolel Boker
One day a week, give yourself the treat of an advanced Torah study session. 
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