Personal Judaism Coaching Program
A tremendous opportunity and challenge awaits you

You may be one of the many who have little Jewish education and would like to know more. For “new comers” to an unfamiliar environment, learning the basic fundamentals of Judaism is a formidable and often overwhelming challenge. We have therefore created the Reintroduction to Judaism program. Seize this opportunity to rediscover Judaism and quench your thirst for spirituality. This program will provide personalized guidance on how you can begin learning about and appreciating your Jewish heritage.

You are welcome to arrange a meeting with one of our qualified Rabbis to discuss your background and knowledge. We will determine which subjects most appeal to you and at what pace your time permits you to study. We will also help you choose from an assortment of traditions that you may want to begin observing to bring more meaning into your or your family’s life. The totality of the program will be tailor-made to your needs. The program will include a number of classes, workshops, personal reading and online study. You set the pace.

Please call Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein or Rabbi Yudy Shemtov at 215-497-9925 to arrange a meeting