zDbB539643.jpgWhat the students of Aleph-Bet have to say
about this special Hebrew School
Please note: All of these quotes are natural and unedited.

From a Parent: 

I just wanted to share how much Rebecca has been telling us she loves Aleph Bet Hebrew School. She couldnt stop talking about it today...Rebecca said everyone at Hebrew School is so nice and she loves learning about the holidays.


She even said, "I love Hebrew School as much as I love my family!" So she feels really comfortable and happy!


Thanks for all your hard work. We really appreciate it! 

Lee Finkelstein
On Sunday Morning when me and my Dad drive in the car and listen to classic rock music, I usually don’t want to get out of the car to go to Hebrew School.  But when I get in I feel like it is really fun.  Yeah, I might like to do some other things, but Hebrew School makes me feel enjoyable.  When I get out of school I sometimes feel like I want to go back in and learn about Judiasm.  Thank You Soooo Much!

Gabrielle Hirsh
When I wake up on Sunday mornings, I usually don’t want to come to Hebrew School.  But once I get there, I enjoy it.  I’m friends with most of the other people in my class, and a lot of what we learn is interesting.  My favorite part of Hebrew School for the past 6 years has been listening to the stories my teacher tells.  It’s more fun to listen to stories about something & learn from that than to have someone stand up and say “Passover is ….”.  Even when I hear the same story over & over because each year more & more is added to it until we completely understand what’s going on.  If school was all stories, it would be really fun.

Eva Beyen
What I feel touched me the most was the Amidah.  I had learned it before but never actually memorized parts of it.  This year I was stressed with it more, and I learned a few very well instead of all 19 pretty shaky.

The favorite thing that I enjoyed learning about was all the Jewish holidays (Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Passover, Purim, Etc.).  No matter how old I get I never cease to learn more about those holidays.

I also want to thank you.  You’re a great teacher.  I love the way you teach, using stories and books.  You have a perfect balance.

However, I do wish that something was stressed more.  That thing is….motivation.  Why am I here?  What is my reason for it?  Try to give your students a more realistic reason that relates to everyday life.

Remy Elgart
What I liked in this class was the stories.  My personal favorite was the one where the milkman would give two coins and then get other coins.  What I get out of the davening is feeling even more confident that day.  I also like the fact that I’m learning and taking steps closer to my Bar-Mitzvah.  My Bar-Mitzvah is one of my life goals that I am now ready to achieve.

Jordan Cohen
I enjoyed all of the stories that you shared throughout the year.  It was also good that we learned new prayers each few weeks.  Another good thing that you did was that you translated prayers.  This let me know what I was saying.  This was a GREAT year.  Thanks for teaching so well.

Leah Eady
What I liked best about Hebrew school was the teachers and the other students. In class, my two teachers were so nice, and made learning about Judaism fun, fascinating, and exciting. We did many fun activities like the life cycles with our children and fun things like a wedding to go with it. In my other class, I loved davening from the siddur every Sunday! It was a great experience and a lot of fun! This year at Abrams was so much fun.

Meadow Batejan
I enjoyed the teacher and learning about the Jewish history and Rus. I would love coming here next year. I hope I can read words in Hebrew next year.

Ilana Attadgie
What really touched me at all my years of Hebrew school is how everyone is friendly and I learned so much. I thought that this year, since we learned script last year, we should have written more but I also enjoyed learning new prayers and still reviewing the older prayers. I’m glad that I still have more years of Hebrew school because this year I really enjoyed it and I’m happy you will be my teacher in the mornings again. I had a great year.

Austin Greisler
I liked playing the fun games. The prizes were great. The games were fun. It was like I wasn’t even learning Hebrew, it was so fun. I just can’t wait till my Bar Mitzvah. Had great friends. Can’t wait till next year.

I like seeing you and learning about all of the important people. When you teach me I remember everything because of the way to tell the story with such enthusiasm. I think that you should not improve anything because you did a great job teaching me this year and I learned a lot. You are a great teacher. Thank you for teaching me.

Nicole Radlow
I enjoyed Hebrew school. I liked how in the first class when Morah Dassie played Hebrew games with us on the  board. That really helped me. I also liked how Morah Rosie talked about Jewish history, and I thought it was fun when we made crafts on holidays. In the morning of Hebrew school, I’m tired. But as the day goes on, it’s more enjoyable. My favorite thing is getting the prizes. I think it was neat of you to think of that.

Remi Schwartz
I love you and coming to Hebrew school. I would love it if you would write to me at my home in the summer. I also have an e-mail address. Maybe one day you and your family could come over my house so you can meet my family.

When I walk out of here I feel like I’ve done a huge mitzvah. My mom never went to Hebrew school and now she regrets it. I wish Hebrew would go on through the whole summer.

Philip Baldoni
It was fun. I liked the tickets. I liked the projects. I like learning about the holidays.

Zack Cohen
I thought the Hebrew school was fun. We could have played a little bit more games. I learned a lot. They made learning fun.

Zachary Aberman
I came here new to this Hebrew school and I think it is 10 times better than my old Hebrew school. I love how they teach here and store is so cool it really determines me to  answer  questions. I also like how we learn about all the people on out tree and why they make the holidays fun and the parties ROCK!! Like at Sesame Place.
 I will be so sad that I won’t be able to see my friends or learn more for a whole summer.

I liked learning about the holidays and you made it very interactive and fun.

Alexis Appelbaum
Happy after left because I had fun.
I enjoyed working with the binders and making the tablecloth.
I learned more about Hebrew leaders and more Hebrew.
I liked Hebrew school because I knew another fun day of Hebrew school.

From a Parent:

Thank You, Aleph Bet

When Braelyn was a little girl, maybe 3 or 4, I found something in my neighborhood called "Chanukah Wonderland". I felt so lucky to live in a neighborhood where Chanukah was celebrated so grandly. So we went- probably everyday. There were crafts and shows and great items to buy. And there was this wonderful Rabbi and his wife who ran it. Then the Spring came and sure enough there was Passover Wonderland! And once again we spent many days there joining in the festivities, learning about the holiday, getting to know Miriam, and just feeling happy and lucky to have such a wonderful thing right at our fingertips.

Shortly after, Miriam told me they were starting a program for children called "Aleph Bet" which would meet on Sundays. "Yes, sign Brae up", I said. It was like Chanukah Wonderland every week. And it was. The excitement of learning about Judaism was on Braelyn's face each week.

Of course I told everyone about this, and once, when I told someone it was through Lubuvitch, they said, "Amber, they're orthodox! Braelyn is going to an orthodox school!" NO...Really?? Everything seems so "normal". I'm not sure what I expected would be so different or strange. All I knew was Braelyn was having a wonderful experience. A great time learning about her religion and culture, and I found the Shemtovs, and by now, Dassie, to be the warmest, kindest people I've ever met. So of course we stayed.

Years went by and from time to time some people would make comments, "You know, they're going to try and change you."

Well change me they have. They have taught me that religion is not about how much money you are willing to donate to a synagogue. It is not memorizing words to  prayers without feeling their meaning. They have reaffirmed my belief that people are good. That we are all different and that we need to respect and love eachother for who we are. Rabbi Shemtov once told me that it was part of G‑d's plan to make us all different. That's what makes the world work. We each have our own calling. And as Braelyn becomes a Bat Mitzvah, she is a step closer in a long journey to figure out her calling. And no matter what that may be, we will love her and respect her for her uniqueness.

I can best sum up our feelings with a story that I heard from a Jewish children's performer. It is called "The Spice Merchant" and when I first heard this a few years ago, right away I thought about Aleph Bet.

There is a street in a city that has shops that sell all sorts of things. All kinds of people walk in & out of the shops. Nothing is different about you when you leave the shops unless you bought something.
All except one shop. In one shop, something was going to be different about you whether you bought something or not. It's the shop of the Spice Merchant. Because when you leave the shop of the Spice Merchant you take the fragrance of the shop with you even if you didn't buy a single spice.
The entire Aleph Bet family- you are our Spice Merchant. You have touched our family with kindness, respect and love. We walk around with your sweet fragrance and it is something that will be part of us for our entire lives. Thank you.

With Love,
Amber, Rick and Braelyn Bankoff