ECO_024 - curriculum.jpgThe Aleph-Bet Experience Pyramid
The Aleph-Bet experiential curriculum is best explained through the Aleph Bet Experience Pyramid.

Because a child’s mind is most engaged at the beginning of the day, the Aleph Bet Experience Pyramid begins with the most technical part of our program…the nuts and bolts of the Hebrew language. From there we move to Jewish Heritage which will include topics of interest to your children in a myriad of Jewish themes. Finally, as attention and energy begin to wane, we conclude the day with hands-on activities.

A. Hebrew Language - The All New ALEPH CHAMP Program
Our brand new Aleph-Champ Hebrew Learning System for children will greatly enhance the Hebrew language learning experience for the children. Unlike some other ancient languages which have disappeared over time, Hebrew remains a vital, energetic tongue. The Torah, as well as the liturgy of our prayer service is primarily chanted in Hebrew, and Hebrew remains the official language of Israel. We don’t promise fluency to our students. Rather, we have set the goal of providing each child with the skills he or she will need to read basic Hebrew. Children will move through the Hebrew program according to their level of skill and interest.

B. Jewish Heritage
Jewish Heritage Themes include:
1. Jewish Holidays
2. The Jewish Day and Jewish Beginnings
3. The Jewish Home
4. Jewish Mitzvah Rituals
5. Jewish Heroes
6. Jewish Life Cycle Events
7. Israel and Jewish Adulthood
Each subject area is presented through discussion, worksheets, and interactive games and activities.

C. Jewish Music, Art, Dance, Food
Once children have absorbed the basics during the first 2 levels of experience, they may begin to have a voice in the development of their own program. The third tier of the Aleph-Bet pyramid allows for time for personal expression.
Children are involved in the following:
1. Jewish Music and Dance-Children will have the opportunity of physical expression through music and dance as they explore themes of Jewish concern.
2. Jewish Drama-Drama lessons will revolve around Jewish themes and celebrations.
3. Jewish Food- Children will partake in the preparation of traditional Jewish foods that are used as accompaniments to holiday celebrations.
All three of these focus areas will be tapped during our holiday celebrations.