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Bring the House Down!

We have remained quite busy behind the scenes, moving our Mikvah building project forward.

Thanks to Joe Glassman, we've picked up a lot of momentum. Amongst a number of things, he's introduced us to David Herbert, who's serving as our project manager and been keeping the ball rolling.

In fact, this morning, we have the wrecking ball rolling! By the end of today, there will no longer be a house to see on the Mikvah property! This is a very obvious and significant step towards being prepared to break ground in the spring. Look below for some pictures and videos of the demolition.

Thank you, Hedy Hoffman, for being on site to take pictures and videos as well as supply hot coffee for the workers! 





Mik 2.jpg   


Mikvah Property Activity

Have you noticed some activity around the Mikvah property? As we wait for bids from builders, some of our camp counselors are using the house as their residence. We're pushing for a groundbreaking by the end of the summer.

Most Updated Rendering

 Here's our most updated rendering. While colors and landscaping may vary slightly, the overall concept is there.

Mikvah- High Res- Rev1.jpg 

Plans Sent Out to Builders

This week we finally sent out our plans to a few builders and we're waiting for their bids. We hope we can break ground before Rosh Hashanah. We'll be doing everything we can to make this happen.

Historic Newtown Mikvah Featured on Lubavitch.com


As our Mikvah builds momentum, it is catching the attention of many beyond our community.

Lubavitch.com, Chabad Lubavitch World Headquarters news site covered the story of our Mikvah project. They are also included the article in their upcoming print edition.

Click here to view the article.  

Tree Transplanting

Who knew we'd become experts on tree transplantation?!

One stipulation in the variance we received from Borough was that we can't cut down any trees. This meant that for the land development we would need to transplant a whole bunch of trees. 9 needed to be dug up and moved out of the way of construction that's being planned. 

So a few weeks ago and thousands of dollars later, we had 9 trees dug up and moved to the back of the property until we will be ready to transplant them. The head of the Shade Tree Commission commented on how well a job we had done. No surprise! We plan on the entire project being done with the same high quality! Here are some pictures.




HARB Approval Received!

Last night, at our third presentation before HARB (Historic Architecture Review Board), we received approval for the facade of the Mikvah. Below is a tentative rendering of the Mikvah. Some changes will be made based on discussion at last nights meeting.

Rendering Mikvah 1.jpg 

Philadelphia Inquirer Article Mentions Our Mikvah

 The Philadelphia Inquirer recently published an article on the recent boom of Mikvahs in the Philadelphia area. Our Mikvah is mentioned in it as well.  

Click here to read the article.

Mikvah Receives Naming Dedication!

With tremendous gratitude and deep appreciation, we share with you wonderful news. Our Mikvah project has received its lead contribution, the Mikvah building dedication and naming. This will enable us to move forward with much ease and security.

Our Mikvah is being dedicated by

Neil and Hedy Hoffman

in memory of Hedy's mother,

Adele Mermelstein

On behalf of our entire community, we express our deepest thanks to Neil and Hedy for choosing to dedicate our Mikvah. 

May A-lmighty G-d be as generous to them as they are to that which is dear to Him.

Land Development Final Plan Approval!

We are thrilled to announce that last night the Newtown Borough Council granted Final Plan approval for our Mikvah project. Pending a few minor updates, approval has been granted.

We will be presenting our most recent Facade drawings before HARB (Historic Architecture Review Board) at the end this month.

Mazal Tov! 

Variance for the Mikvah Has Been Approved!

We are extremely pleased to share that at last nights hearing before the Zoning Hearing Board, our request for a variance to build a mikvah at 223 N State Street was granted! 

We are excited about moving forward with the land development, the next big stage of the project! 

Hearing Before Zoning Board

On Tuesday, July 19, we will be presenting our Mikvah project to the Borough Zoning Board to receive a variance that would permit us to build the Mikvah at 223 N. State Street.

Click here to read an article about the upcoming meeting.

Community Meeting To Learn About Mikvah Project

Letters have been sent to all residents living within 500 feet of the property purchased for the mikvah. It invites them to participate in a community meeting to educate the community about our Mikvah project and how it will enhance the community. Below is a copy of the letter. We'd love your participation at the meeting as well.


March 31, 2016

Dear Neighbor,

I’d like to introduce myself if we’ve never met. My name is Aryeh Weinstein and I live at the corner of Jefferson and N. State Street, 201 N State Street. I am one of the Rabbi’s at the Glazier Jewish Center at 25 N. State Street.

Our Center recently purchased the property next door to my home, 223 N. State Street. We plan to use the property for a special purpose and will be requesting relief from the Borough to allow this use.  I have enclosed a copy of an article reporting on our recent presentation to the Borough about the proposed use.  I am inviting you and encouraging you to attend a meeting so we may explain what this project is about and how it will enhance our neighborhood.

The meeting will take place Wednesday, April 13, at 7:00 PM at the Glazier Jewish Center, 25 N State Street. Use the upper level entrance. I hope I will have the opportunity to meet you then.

Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] or call me at 215-497-9925 if you have any questions.


Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein

Lubavitch of Bucks County

Newtown Borough Council Hears Mikvah Proposal

Last night we made a presentation before the Newtown Borough Council with the intention of explaining to them what a Mikvah is and how it functions. In attendance was Rabbi Shemtov, our lawyer Paul Cohen, our engineer Heath Dumack and myself.

Click here to read an article in The Advance reporting on the presentation. 

Initial Meeting with Borough Council

This Wednesday, March 2, 2016, we will be making our initial presentation before the Newtown Borough Council to explain our Mikvah project to them. The presentation will be led by our lawyer Paul Cohen, our engineer Heath Dumack and myself, Rabbi Weinstein.

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