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February Update

We are currently preparing for our first presentation to the Borough. In doing so we needed a general floor plan of the mikvah. This needed to be coordinated between the Rabbi who is overseeing the mikvah and the architect.

The Rabbi overseeing the mikvah is Rabbi Yosef Feigelshtock, a Chabad rabbi who lives in Argentina. In addition to being a halachic expert, he is also very knowledgeable in construction.

The architectural renderings are being put together by Shalom Shalumov in Princeton, New Jersey. He is the one who drew the original renderings of the Cherry Hill Chabad Mikvah.

The architect is David Altman who has worked on a mikvah in Rhode Island.

We have retained the services of Paul Cohen of the Curtin and Heefner Law Offices to represent us before the Borough.

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