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Tree Transplanting

Who knew we'd become experts on tree transplantation?!

One stipulation in the variance we received from Borough was that we can't cut down any trees. This meant that for the land development we would need to transplant a whole bunch of trees. 9 needed to be dug up and moved out of the way of construction that's being planned. 

So a few weeks ago and thousands of dollars later, we had 9 trees dug up and moved to the back of the property until we will be ready to transplant them. The head of the Shade Tree Commission commented on how well a job we had done. No surprise! We plan on the entire project being done with the same high quality! Here are some pictures.




HARB Approval Received!

Last night, at our third presentation before HARB (Historic Architecture Review Board), we received approval for the facade of the Mikvah. Below is a tentative rendering of the Mikvah. Some changes will be made based on discussion at last nights meeting.

Rendering Mikvah 1.jpg 

Philadelphia Inquirer Article Mentions Our Mikvah

 The Philadelphia Inquirer recently published an article on the recent boom of Mikvahs in the Philadelphia area. Our Mikvah is mentioned in it as well.  

Click here to read the article.

Mikvah Receives Naming Dedication!

With tremendous gratitude and deep appreciation, we share with you wonderful news. Our Mikvah project has received its lead contribution, the Mikvah building dedication and naming. This will enable us to move forward with much ease and security.

Our Mikvah is being dedicated by

Neil and Hedy Hoffman

in memory of Hedy's mother,

Adele Mermelstein

On behalf of our entire community, we express our deepest thanks to Neil and Hedy for choosing to dedicate our Mikvah. 

May A-lmighty G-d be as generous to them as they are to that which is dear to Him.

Land Development Final Plan Approval!

We are thrilled to announce that last night the Newtown Borough Council granted Final Plan approval for our Mikvah project. Pending a few minor updates, approval has been granted.

We will be presenting our most recent Facade drawings before HARB (Historic Architecture Review Board) at the end this month.

Mazal Tov! 

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