Aura Women's League brings together Jewish women of all ages and backgrounds to learn, laugh, experience and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.
A Story

There once was a king who was traveling through the countryside when he heard the most exquisite music. He ordered his coachman to follow the music, and there he found a lone shepherd playing in the field. The king sat for hours listening to the music and rejuvenating his soul. The needs of his country beckoned him back to reality and so he departed.

The following year he set out again on his travels with hopes of encountering the shepherd’s beautiful music. But search as he might, he was unsuccessful in finding his deep source of happiness, meaning and consolation again.

Our soul spends time in the presence of the Almighty G-d, yet when the time comes to be sent into the world, the soul is distant from the music of heaven. Thus begins a life journey and the soul’s yearning for the music that once embraced it.

We search. We taste different pleasures. Where else can we explore? What happened to the music? We are human and we are always searching. When the soul has the chance to connect again to the wisdom of the Almighty’s ways, Truth quenches our thirst.

Every year we create a new series of programs for the women of our community with the desire to find our soul’s Truth, Wisdom and Music. Please come and join us.

Relevant Messages from the Weekly Torah Portion and Current Holidays

Around her dining room table, join women who receive inspiration and meaning as Rosie shares her heart and spirit. Using the weekly Torah portion and holidays, the discussion focuses on how they are relevant, meaningful and inspiring for our day-to-day living.

A class for women
Wednesdays | At the home of Rosie Weinstein, 201 N State Street, Newtown

For more information contact Rosie at [email protected]