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A Journey of Discovery Awaits... Welcome to the Jewish Learning Academy!

A space where you can explore your Jewish heritage, uncover the works of our sages, and thrive in an atmosphere of complete acceptance and encouragement.

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Get to the Heart of Jewish Wisdom and Connection

Take a deep dive into Jewish knowledge and your heritage in a warm and welcoming environment at the Jewish Learning Academy.

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Inclusive Environment

Where every individual is welcomed to learn, connect & grow together.

Diverse Classes

Catered to various interests and educational backgrounds.

Expert Educators

Dedicated educators providing engaging and insightful lessons. 

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Our students say it best.

The sincerity and humor with which the classes have been taught kept me coming to class week after week. Every single topic was extremely thought provoking and the wisdom learned will remain with me. I will certainly continue the JLI courses as long as they are offered.

Inna Sherman

Bucks County, PA

I wanted to thank you very much for inviting me to the Jewish Learning Institute class. I found the first series extremely insightful and had basic knowledge that I really needed to know and never learned. Since taking it, I've recommended to many other people and Rabbis. I think that the information taught in it is absolutely crucial to anyone who is seeking to explore or started exploring their Jewish education.

Ari Miller

Bucks County, PA

A friend of mine had come here for previous courses and felt very inspired by these experiences and he said Harmon why don't you try it, and he signed me up without my knowing and it was a wonderful gift! The course helped me open my horizons to look at the world a little differently and to try to understand what it is all about, rather than just the here and now and the material world around us. 


Bucks County, PA

The classes at JLA gives you more happiness and an optimistic perspective for life. It touches the most difficult concepts about G-d, about evil, about time and reality. We are existing, we are not existing. It’s just mind blowing, it is just amazing.

Mila Moroz

Bucks County, PA