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Our motto is “Jewish. Done Joyfully”, and your membership in Lubavitch of Bucks County is both a joyful affirmation of your support for all the work that we do, and its also the best way for us to keep you up to date on all of our activities. 

We don't charge membership fees, and anyone can participate in any of programs. Our philosophy is that every Jewish adult, teen and child already belongs, and is part of our center and our community.

So how do we fund ourselves?
We try our best to make each of our programs self-sustaining, so we have fees for many of our activities and programs like Hebrew School, Summer Camp, Adult Education Classes, Special Programs and Trips, etc.. We supplement those fees with charitable donations from our friends and supporters.

Our policy is that we never turn anyone away who is in financial need, and that makes charitable donations especially important in order to supplement the fees and cover deficits in individual programs.

Can I become a member of the synagogue?
As for worship services at our synagogue, our policy is simple: No one should have to pay to pray. Everyone is always welcome to join us for services. For those who desire to be supporting members of our synagogue, we offer opportunities for families and individuals who are eager to show their financial commitment to our shul and our community. Supporting membership is an important and meaningful way that our friends have of showing their support for us and for one another as fellow supporters of a shul and a community. If you are interested in becoming a supporting member of our shul, you can send us an email by clicking here, and we'll get right back to you. And remember, we urge and encourage you to attend services whenever you like!