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What a great place. A very welcoming community. Everyone there is completely non-judge mental and does not wish to create barriers by classifying the people that go there as reform, conservative, orthodox, etc. everyone is integrated it's just such a lovely place and both my children have gotten and are continuing to get awesome Jewish educations. My son was A bar mitzvah there and it was a wonderful experience. They offer several different options for Bar and Bat mitzvah services. You have the option to choose from a service that is about 50 minutes where men and women sit together to a much longer service that is more religious where the men and women sit separately and pretty much everything in between.

Dear Rabbi Lezell,

I was overcome with emotion, as I usually am, during Shabbat dinner last Friday. The amount of love and joy that accompany any Chabad event reminds me of everything I cherish about it. This time, I was especially struck by the counselors: a group of young women who will be the next generation of Jewish mothers. Their husbands and children will be so lucky to have them as partners and life guides. 

Especially emotional for me was hearing the songs kids sang. Partly, because they reminded me of my summers of Gan Israel fun and learning, but partly because of the innocence with which they were sung. I wondered how many in that room know how lucky they are to be able to sing those songs so loudly and without fear. 

I wanted to share with you below what I shared with my friends on Facebook today. And if you think it would be of value, I would be honored to speak to your staff about the difference they are making and how different my life been had the Iron Curtain never been lifted. 


O. - A  Camp Gan Izzy Mom

You may have noticed, I don't post videos of my kid on Facebook. But I wanted to share this one. This is my son, William Eliran, singing a song he learned in camp. It's 20 seconds of nothing special if it's not your kid. But to me, this is everything. This is what religious freedom looks like. 

Will's Hebrew name is also his middle name, because we live in a country where he doesn't have to hide that he's a Jew. 

He is the first member of my family in over 70 years to have had a bris. 

Will is singing a song about being Jewish in our kitchen and I am not worried that the neighbors may hear through the wall. 

Will is the descendant of generations of Jews who chose to keep their faith, their culture, and their identity. Even when it was dangerous or inconvenient. 

Will's song is proof that good triumphs over evil. Through the state-sanctioned pogroms, Hitler's solutions, and Stalinist purges, a people's spirit survived. 

A small branch of our family tree survived all those horrors and we planted our new roots in this amazing country. Where I get to fret over being successful at raising a bilingual kid, but never over if it's safe or smart for me to raise him to be a Jew.

Good Afternoon Rabbi,

I thought that you may enjoy reading Maxx's paper.  Thanks again for everything!  You and Lubavitch have really made an impact on our family and we are so grateful!

To read the beautiful and meaningful letter, click here.

Hello Rabbi Shemtov,

I wanted you to know how much you and your family and the entire team at Lubavitch of BC mean to me.

You do not just guide people in the mechanics of being Jewish, you show us. I have never felt so much a part of a jewish community that feels like my family. We so much enjoy the Family Friday nights, all the Camp Gan Izzy events, your sermon for Yom Kippur on smart phones, Rabbi Weinstein's soul cafe and best of all, Chaya's wedding. I am so impressed on how Aleph Bet engages A. and how well you make good on the promise of "Fun Hebrew School" You do a brilliant job.

Thank you so so much

- A.R. 

Thank you so much for your time!! 

Ethan loves coming to your class. You have a very special gift and I feel so proud to have my son learn and feel in his heart what it means to be Jewish. I especially very much appreciate your work because I wouldn't be able to do this on my own. 
Thank you so very much again - Biana 

David and I want to let you know how much we appreciated sharing Shabbat dinner with you, your family, and other guests last Friday. You and Rosie are the most gracious hosts possible, and the experience was truly extraordinary. And such a beautiful family. You are both an inspiration.

Hi Rosie
I was overwhelmed with your kind gesture of food for  Mark and myself. It has been so stressful and I appreciate your kindness.

This letter is long due.

I would like to acknowledge the importance of the course on prayer you gave last years

On the surface it might look like it was a failure. But it was not. On the contrary, it was a big success that has lasting effect on our lives.

It brought our attention to the prayer and conveys a necessity of daily prayer.

We started to include daily prayer in our day-to day life.

Still have a long way to go.

Hopefully, you will continue the course and we will be where we should be in respect of the prayers with your's and H-m help.

Z. & M. K.

Dear Rosie,

Thank you so very much for such beautiful and delicious food that I discovered when I got home from work. It reminded me of the time when I was a child and came home from school to a tasty dinner made by mom mom or my grandmother, it brought back so many warm memories. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. You are so amazing and so special!!!

Thank you so much for everything that you are organizing and doing!!!

Special thank you to the TLC children!!!

All the very best

What is the best part of Gan Izzy this summer???? Everything! I am looking at sarah's camp picture and she looks so happy because of this wonderful camp..thank you! ! - Beth B.

I just wanted to share how much Rebecca has been telling us she loves Aleph Bet Hebrew School. She couldnt stop talking about it today...Rebecca said everyone at Hebrew School is so nice and she loves learning about the holidays.

She even said, "I love Hebrew School as much as I love my family!" So she feels really comfortable and happy!

Thanks for all your hard work. We really appreciate it! 

Sarah L.

I can’t tell you enough what this class has meant to me ..and also your leadership.  I owe you a world of thanks – we are lucky to have you guiding us…. 

M. M. 

Shalom Rosie,

I feel very blessed to have attended your class this morning.    I found it to be inspirational and educational.    You are a delight, and I plan to see you most Wednesdays.

Have a beautiful week.

I want to thank you for a lovely Shabbat last week. Your warmth and hospitality are truly appreciated. The food was delicious as always! We are blessed to know you and it is always wonderful spending time together.

Have a wonderful Shabbat.

Shabbat dinner with your beautiful family is always a magic and an honor. Beside the very delicious meal there is a lot of food for soul.

Thank you Rabbi Weinstein for these messages. They are SO relateable (not sure that's a word, but hopefully you get my meaning) and are great examples of the process we are sharing with you. I know I have much farther to go, but I am definitely feeling a shift in my thinking, my interactions with others and in my responses. This is really a tough subject to present successfully. You are breaking it down so well and making it very practical and useful! Can't wait for our next class! Have a great day and see  you tomorrow!


Shalom! Thank you for the wonderful program. The insights were profound, and the presentation was terrific. I would strongly urge the Happiness Seminar to become a regular course - or perhaps a tool of outreach for newcomers to Chabad. It perfectly encapsulates the Chabad message of practical, life-affirming spirituality in a non-threatening, welcoming format. Yashar koach!

H.S. Seminar Participant, Wilmington, DE

Hi Rosie, 

I know you're on your trip to Lakewood today, but I just have to tell you that our talk w you yesterday was life-changing. We BOTH came away feeling so inspired and rejuvenated and hopeful and loving towards each other. A. L.b thought it was just as good as I did! It was truly amazing and such mesias nefesh of you guys to come all the way up to see us. It really means so much and you should be blessed with the best shalom bayis for the rest of your lives for doing such a big mitzvah to help us so much! Love you so much and we seriously can't thank you enough. 

All the best

Hello, Rabbi,


Thank you once again for coming to speak with my class last Tuesday.  As always, I think the kids left feeling both spiritually nourished and excited.  One student, a senior boy, remarked that your visit was one of his most memorable experiences at
George School. I hope you'll consider coming to speak next year.

I also wanted to follow up with you about those books on Jewish mysticism.  Can you please recommend some titles?

I hope we get a chance to talk again soon.

Thank you, and be well,
M.S., George School

Dear Rosie,

Just a quick note to say thank you so much! for inviting us to Shabbat dinner!!! We had a truly wonderful time. It was so good to be surrounded by other Jews - sharing similar points of view, exchanging thoughts, feelings and ideas. I felt comforted, cared for, and part of a community. 

Hi Rosie,

This is Sara Wallner, Alana's mom. Alana is in your Bat Mitzvah club and I just had to tell you that she absolutely loves everything about it.  Alana is so excited to tell me what discussions you all had, what plans are being made and can't wait until the next time you all get together.  Thank you for doing such a wonderful job and for keeping my daughter interested in her faith and religion in such a fun and meaningful way.

Thank you and take care,

Thank you!

Your family made Purim very special. We have celebrated Purim all mour lives. This year was different. It was a joy with meaning. Real joy!!!

Thank you.
R. G., Buckingham

Finally, I want to share with you how much C. & I enjoyed your teaching. You really impart the knowledge in an easy going manner and carefully steer away from pit-fall discussions in order to keep the class on track. We'll be back for more in the future.

Chag Sameach,
G. N. 

Dear Rabbi:

Thanks for the wonderfull Purim event ! We all enjoyed it greatly !

The young lady, who has accomponied me and my mother-in-law, is my mother-in-law live-in caregiver, she is from Lithuania and Catholic (I do not know though how observant she is).

I had a concern of inviting her to this event, but my wise wife alleviated my concerns and suggested to invite her too. I was not surprised to hear that this was the first ever Jewish event she has attended, but I was surprised to hear that she has enjoyed it very much too. We all have discussed the meaning of Purim and Magilla Esther, considering that my mother-in-law name is Esther too.

This brings a new meaning to "Jews bringing light to gentile nations".

Thanks, again,

I shared a challah we made at Loaves of Love at your home on Thursday with one with my neighbor, She was so happy that I thought of her.
Everyone in the house thought they came out great.

Please send the recipe when you have a chance.

I love that you take the guess work out of knowing the right temp. for the water.  Yeast always scared me,  now I might feel better about baking challas.

G.D, New Hope

Thank you so much  for having G.and I for  Shabbat dinner. The food, the company  and the overall experiences was amazing as always. I was  wandering if you can email me your famous sushi salad recipe. I love that salad, its amazing and I cant get enough :)

Thank you!


Hi Miriam,
We are all doing okay, thanks so much for your sweet email.  Friendship Circle is really going well at the high school, in spite of H. and L. fallout of their friendship.  They have managed to stay professional about their school meetings, game days and visits with R.  Dealing with difficult people in the workplace is an important skill to learn as they grow into adults, and they are just learning it earlier in life than most!

C. L.
I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for Bubby’s Cook Off. It was a wonderful experience and great to see Sammy and his family! I also wanted to thank you for all of the work that you all do. M., S. and N. have benefited immensely from being involved in the Friendship Circle. This opportunity has allowed them not only to feel more involved in the Jewish community, but has also allowed them the opportunity to give back in a most rewarding way. The work you do is amazing, but not only for the children with special needs. The “buddies” such as my children come away from the experience with such a rich and rewarding sense of self as well as a joy that could only be brought to them by their buddy. 
So, thank you again from all of the B.s!

L. B.
Hi Rabbi,
 I received many compliments from our guests regarding the Tifilin service. It was different from the usual Bar Mitzvah service but still had a strong religious feel. It was interesting and informative and as one guest put it, "I am 65 years old and I've attended a lot of Bar-Mitzvahs. That was the most enjoyable service I've ever been to". We wouldn't have changed a thing and are looking forward to starting the process again in three years!

S. B., Doylestown
Hi Rosie,
I just wanted to say thank you for sending the delicious dinners to our house a few days ago during our challenging times.  The food was so tasty! We really appreciate your generosity. My husband was so happy to get a home cooked meal versus take out.

Thanks again,
This is the second year that we have shopped the Chanukah Wonderland store, it has become a part of our Chanukah experience.  It makes me wish we had small children again.
Thank you,


Thank you for your message and for running such important FC programming. My daughter enjoyed it thoroughly.
I am putting 6 January on our calendar. At this point, looks good. We hope to see soon.

S.F. from Yardley  

Dear Gan Izzy, I want to share how incredible the driver of our bus is and say thank you for choosing great person who we trust our kids. Mr. Ron drives our son to the camp second year and he is not only always on time but very attentive and supportive to the kids. He is worry about my son eats breakfast in a morning and yesterday he made sure my boy has water on the ride back and gave him a bottle, because it was very hot outside. Thanks again.

J. B.

Dearest Rosie,

Thank you very much for coming, for fruits, for hugs and kisses, for listening, for understanding, for your care. Your visit is priceless. You and your beautiful family is a gift from Hashem.
Dear  Rabbi Shemtov:  
I want to be certain that you know how deeply moved I was by the ritual at G's Bat Mitzvah.  G. was wonderful, and of course I know that about her and I appreciate that about her.   And you were wonderful as the guardian and mentor and dear Rabbi.  You were certainly an advocate for A. and as well you managed to include her family in the process.  Our family has often gone through difficult times and you managed to be our shepherd through the glory of our Dear G.
I thank you and I am thankful for the  community and thankful to be a part of  the process and thankful to have you and Rabbi Weinstein and Rebitzen Miriam and Rebitzen Rosie in my universe.  
I pray for peace for all of us and will keep you in my heart and soul.

With great affection,
L. W.
Rabbi Weinstein:
S. and I just want to say thank you so much for all your assistance. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer all my questions. We also love the kabbalah class and love hearing you teach. You are a an amazing teacher!

Hi Rabbi, I just wanted to express my thanks and gratitude for your and Rosie's guidance and understanding.   Also thanks for engaging my kids.  It really seems to have resonated with them... J. put on tefillin this morning and M. is thinking about what you said Friday night!  I hope to bring them up more often!
Have a great week!


"Thank you for all you do. You are a one and only really to take us in under your wing and give so much, not to mention all you do to teach my kids and others of our faith."

Facebook Post - Friendship Circle Mom

Dear Rabbi, Thank you! We enjoyed the first session very much — trading notes afterward, we each found ourselves wishing it had gone on a bit longer, which is always a good sign. We're certainly looking forward to the remaining five sessions. 

We'll see you Sunday morning. Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Best regards,

Ryan was not very happy to start Hebrew school, but somehow you changed his mind. He enjoys class and doesn't want to miss it. Rebecca wants to wear long skirts and dresses. So, thank you for making this a great experience. 

HS Mom
Dearest Rosie,

When we came back from the C. activity we were very hungry. There was a big surprise at the door — the mystery food.
We brought it home and didn't know what to think. C. said it's mistake and somebody who order it will come and take it.
I opened an email and called C. to read your message with me.
We ate the dinner — it was absolutely delicious!

Thank you for thinking of us, thank you to everybody who cooked this wonderful meal. You touched our wounded souls. It was a food of care and love.

Thank you!

Dear Rabbi, The boys are loving the temple by the way!  They used to really not be into Hebrew school and now they actually are. 
What are you guys teaching over there, Kabbalah?
E.S., Washington Crossing

I hope you're well. I want to let you know that I found out today that I passed the Pennsylvania bar exam!!

Thank you very much for your support and prayers. I've been reading from my Siddur everyday since our meeting and I will continue to do so.

Your guidance and positive energy has truly helped me get through uncertainty, and I'm very grateful to have met with you personally. I will be seeing you soon at shul.

All the best!

Hi Rabbi Frankel,
I just wanted to thank you for the Rosh Hashanah Service. It was a meaningful and in particular I found your sermon today inspirational. I woke up this morning feeling tired; I thought where am I going to get the strength this year to battle through the daily challenges? I heard your sermon today about the 2 boys 8 and 9 years old. How they managed to get through death march together, survive the holocaust and eventually managing to rebuilding their lives after what they went through. I realized that I have nothing to feel down and tired about! What I have been through is nothing like others and I feel grateful for what I have and for what lies ahead.  

Thank you for all your support and for your wise words. You have assisted me to move forward in a positive manner.

I look forward to seeing you soon,
D. M., Yardley

I want to take a moment to express myself in regards to my experience coming to the Lubavitch Center of Bucks County today. My husband, son and I walked into your building today for the first time and was immediately overcome by the beauty that the place projected. We also had the pleasure of being greeted by Rabbi Mendy Lezell, who was so warm and inviting. I immediate felt that this is the right place for my family, for both Hebrew School for my son and a place of worship for us! We actually came there today not expecting such a wonderful time...we sort of joined "on a whim", so to speak. But WOW!! Am I glad we had the opportunity to visit! I truly look forward to all that my family will experience this year at the Glazer Jewish Center!!

Happy New Year!
Sincerely, C. L.

Thanks Rabbi Yudy. I was meaning to drop you an email thanking you for the time you gave me. I was actually very inspired when I left Monday night and excited not just about the opportunity for my children but for me as well to be a part of the Lubavitch experience you have created. For the first time in a long time, I was personally intrigued to explore Judaism as it pertains to everyday life and participate in activities and discussion exploring my heritage. Judaism was something that was always thrust upon me by my mother, it was never something that I was excited to explore on my own. The traditions and the values were something that I have always felt were important but to be honest I never really new why.  Maybe now through your programs I can really explore my feelings and get a better understanding of my experience growing up and share the new experience of the Lubavitch together with my kids and hopefully my wife was well.

Until the next time
Yours in good health,

A.F. New Hope, PA

I want to express my deepest gratitude for giving my children a happy, exciting, educational and enjoyable experience at camp. Gan Izzy is the third camp they have been to and I am perpetually amazed by the ability of you and your staff to treat every child as if he/she is the only one there with the way you cater to each of their needs. My kids have, without exception, returned happy and full of stories of their exciting day. They made new friends, loved their counselors, the activities and the trips and giggled endlessly upon telling me of all the fun events of their day.

I had many questions and sometimes was not able to come inside the camp to pick up my kids. I always received the help that I needed and I appreciate it so much. My children are so sad to leave your camp, and I would like to say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for giving my kids such a wonderful experience and memories which they will take with them for the rest of their lives. You all are able to give such a treasured experience to the children, because of the endless love in your heart. Thank you so much. B"H, may you all have the nahat and joy that you continuously provide to others.

Warm Regards,

"I just wanted to say how much I loved the class and how excited I am to be a part of it finally! I am only sorry that I missed out on the first 2/3 or so of the course."

- Raizel

"Not sure if enough people tell you what a wonderful 4 classes this has been so far. Thank you for making it so interesting."

 - Sherry

"Rabbi, I know I have said it more than once, but you never cease to amaze me in the manner in which you conduct yourself! You are correct. Last night’s class had to be one of the most difficult to get across, and you touched all of us with that special sense of spirituality. You have developed quite a following, and I know I speak for Randy as well when I say that you are the most refreshing breath of fresh air that either of us have experienced as our Rabbi. Your Knowledge, Passion, Storytelling to illustrate a point, Sense of Humor and Personality set you apart from your peers in my mind. I am also most proud to call you my friend." 

– Marc

"Your teaching and each course has reinforced the importance of being mindful and conscious of everything we say, do, and even eat.  Some of what I have been learning I have always felt instinctively;  other things are new, other things I question, and I am eager to continue to learn much more. So again, thank you for what you do, and do so well."


"Thank you so much for sending over with the box of round matzohs — so kind of you to think of us during the holiday.  It felt like our extended family reached out from the borough!"

- P. Family

"We just want to thank you again for inviting us for this wonderful Shabbos. The way that the two of you share your inner selves which reflect your passion for Yiddishkeit and every Jewish Neshama is something very special. Please know that about yourselves and let it always grow. We love being with you very much."

- Y 

"I'd like to thank you for the amazing Shabbat in New York. It was educational, spiritual and emotional. You and your excellent team worked very hard to make this event such a success. Everything was very good organized and we had a great time! I enjoyed meeting wonderful people and appreciate their hospitality, kindness, peaceful atmosphere and delicious food. They touched my soul. Seeing ------ reading at the synagogue was priceless! --------asked me to buy a Prayer Book and we are going to light the Shabbat candles . The Shabbat in Brooklyn was a life time experience — just as you promised.  I'm so happy you gave us this unique opportunity. During our trip I had a wonderful feeling that I'm visiting my great-grandparents, which I never knew, in the small village near Kiev where they lived in the 1920's. I'm sorry we missed the club — we are so upset :( "


"We want to thank you again for having us share Shabbat with you and your beautiful family.We had a wonderful time.It was a beautiful Shabbat,filled with delicious food and  great conversation."

"Thank you so much for providing such a "rich" evening of wonderful energy for the mind, body, and soul."

“…Jared once again beats us in the wii, i am really enjoying spending time with him and im glad i did this organization"

- ZC Yardley, PA

"It is a delight to hear the chatter and laughter and comes from the room where my son and his “buddies” are playing."

-FC Mom

"I can't even put into words how much he enjoys having ZC and JH here each week, they are such a
blessing." He calls his Wednesdays his "fun day"

- SG Yardley PA

"Jake's adorable. It's our great pleasure and joy to spend some time with him each week and see those

- HB Holland PA

"My boys loved coming to Sunday Circle... thanks for the photos I can see what a wonderful time they

- MR Holland PA


- LY Jamison PA

“Friendship Circle makes me happy because I get to make friends with other kids in the community.”

- SL Newtown PA

“Thank you for organizing the bowling event. Our family had a great time! Thank for continuing to help
Jewish kids on the Autism Spectrum.”

- SW Warrington PA

Dear Rabbi Lezell,

We wanted to thank you for today’s lovely ceremony and blessings to give Melissa and me our Hebrew names. It was a truly special day for all of us, especially with Mike holding the Torah at the end and being able to share the occasion with Melissa’s favorite aunt and uncle. We will frame our certificates and display them in our home. Thank you again!

Deborah, Mike and Melissa

"I am very proud of how well Rachel has done at Aleph Bet.  She loves to attend her weekly classes and is has worked very hard over the last few years to be at the top of the reading groups.   She said that she really enjoyed the Shabbat program last week, Thank you for coordinating and for doing as much as you do for the children (and parents)."

- Melissa

"From the bottom of my heart I wanted to thank you for a terrific school year and introducing our family to the Jewish Community Center and the Labavitch community.
The boys never once complained about having to go to school since our switch to Aleph Bet.  We will be back next year and I will be registering them soon.
It is so clear that you poor your heart out to all the children and truly enjoy what you do.  Your investment in the kids and your community is unmatched.
We truly did enjoy the program and your efforts."
- Jodi  

"Thank you so much for this camp, it is the best and whenever we asked Maddy how her day was yesterday her response repeatedly was "awesome". 
Thank you!"

- Leslie

I don't know how to begin to thank you for the beautiful service you led  for  Ian's and Lauren's B'nei Mitzvah on Sunday and for creating such a wonderful experience for our family on Saturday afternoon as well.  Ian and Lauren were so well prepared for their service on Sunday; Ron and I were beaming with pride and still are.   Our family and friends all commented on the warmth of the service and the welcoming environment  at the Glazier Jewish Center.  We also share that sentiment.   My father reveled in the richness of the experience as much as Ron and I did.   It was so incredibly heart-warming for me to see him feeling so at home  and in touch with the roots of his  Jewish upbringing.   We will always be grateful to you and the religious school teachers for providing such an enriching learning experience for all of us!

Thank you again,
Warmest regards,

"Shabbat Shalom Rabbi Mendy, I just wanted to say that my kids had an amazing first week at camp. They love it and can't wait to go back on Monday!!! Your staff, members and families are so nice and respectful to each other. It s a wonderful feeling to experience a real sense of community when walking in your doors each morning we are there. Thanks again for a super week!!"

- K

"Ben and Rebecca had an amazing first week of camp!! They both have been so excited to tell me about their days each afternoon. Thanks and Good Shabbos!"

- M

"Thanks so much, and we will be in one day this week. The girls loved camp and I was thrilled with the program! Thanks again."

- Pamela

"Hello Rabbi – I just wanted to thank you for yesterday.  Sophie had a great day.  She said everybody was fun and kind.  She even liked the food!  We hope we will be able to attend Gan Izzy next year.  Thank you for everything." 

– Mindy

"Dear Rabbi Lezell, Abbie had wonderful years attending Camp Gan Izzy and will cherish those memories for life."


"I do want you to know how much S. and I enjoy this course (BOOK and teacher). I find myself thinking about and analyzing and appreciating the Torah and Judaism in ways that I never did before and never thought that I ever would."

- L.L., Yardley

"I am 61 years old and I have 3000 years of history to catch up on. Quite a challenge? Why not?" 

- M.D., Holland

Thank you for an excellent set of learning experiences. I recognize that I may not always be able to verbally express my questions or thoughts in class, but that is a function of limited time and sharing class with others. 
Nevertheless, you are creating in my mind questions not previously asked, reminding me of unanswered questions previously forgotten, and thoughts to be explored through our traditional sources, as well as modern secular material. This is giving me an opportunity to grow as a thinking Jew and a thinking person, and I appreciate that. 

I am looking forward to the next one.

- M.G., Richboro

Dear Rabbi: 
In one sentence: In this class I am learning THE BEGINNING of the CONVERSATION I was born into.

- G.K., Holland

Hi Rabbi Shemtov 
You did a masterful job this evening explaining and talking to people .. with secular ideas .. It is most challenging and as a person, myself, who has been on a long journey - I wish I had your guidance years ago ....Your class is a life transforming experience. I thoroughly enjoyed last night. It changes my perspective on a lot of things.

- B.B, Yardley

Dear Rabbi- 
The presentation of the varied translations of terminology and commentary from various sages across the ages helps to create a depth to the Torah I hadn't seen or experienced before. From the surface to Kabbalah, it's all there!

- C.S., Newtown 

Hello Rabbi Shemtov. It was great to meet you too last night. Your presentation was tremendous. I found the material extremely interesting. The lesson has given me an entirely new and meaningful way to reflect on G-D, creation, and my relationship with G-D. Thanks again. By the way, when you see Rabbi Weinstein please tell him I said hello and that I hope his trip was fun, interesting and productive. Sincerely,

- M.D., Richboro

The class is definitely new territory for me. The 6 week courses I am used to are of course motivated by the Torah and reference the Torah, but don't truly give me an in depth look at it. So this is my 1st examination of Jewish scripture (or any scripture). It in no way leaves me frustrated. It results in a lot of contemplation, but not confusion. And what I like most about the Book Circle is what I like about any class; there is always at least one element in the evening that manages to directly tap into something I'm experiencing personally, shedding light on those experiences. It never ceases to amaze me (with a synchronicity at times that even startles me a bit, I must admit). You had made a comment at the end of the evening on Wednesday in passing and unrelated to the page itself, but completely related to an issue I was having that week; the comment was of great significance to me and I have since carried it with me. The related details are a bit personal and unimportant, but in that alone the class held great value to me. It shows that you continue to teach even though you don't know you're still teaching! :) 

Many thanks for your insights and guidance! I look forward to my continued studies.

- C.K., Newtown

 ... It has taken me a rather long time [to writes this]. This is not an easy subject for a Buddhist Lawyer. I came to the first class wanting to discover whether what I had been taught of the religion of my birth (Jewish) was true. 

Within the first week it became clear from class and the readings that I knew nothing of that religion. By the end of our present class (creations third day) I laughingly call my self a Judhist. A chuckle perhaps yet a very powerful shift in my connection to G-D. 

The book and your course have opened my eyes to the Universe in ways that I am only, like a child, begining to hold up to the light, turn and stare. So I have taken so long to write because I have learned so much and so little. Thank you for opening to me the mystery of my parents religion.

- S.E., of Washington Crossing

I enjoy the class. It generated unsettling curiosity . . the "creation story", which I have considered a "fable" before, turned out to be the most I have thought of. It generated a lot of thinking and further study interest from theological. scientific, consmological and philosophical perspectives

- A.K., of Richboro