Rabbi Yehuda Shemtov, Senior Rabbi        Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein,  Rabbi

Once upon a time there was a "Shul": An informal place where every Jew was able to walk in and feel comfortable to worship unburdened by any outside issues. The only “strings attached” were those on the talit. The warmth of feeling compensated for the informality of the structure. We have recreated that feeling for community worship in a profound way. Why would a close-knit group of Jews from many walks of life choose to worship in this type of setting?

Imagine being granted the freedom to shed whatever label has been attached to the way you practice your religion. Those who attend our services, descend from a myriad of Jewish backgrounds. They observe Judaism in a multitude of ways, and navigate their individual spiritual pathways at assorted RPMs. Here you are welcomed, in fact encouraged, to ask questions and seek your own truths, and here you are implored to be as nonjudgmental of your neighbor as he or she is of you.

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